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President’s Report: March 2024

A very warm welcome to new members Paul and Teddy Larkin.

I have vacated the front page with my report, and have given over the space with more worthy stories. 

Firstly, after nearly forty years dedicating his time to his business and forgoing his passion for fly fishing, Warwick Jones recently re-joined the Club and has recently caught his first trout in that period. Well done, Warwick.

And secondly, also worthy of a place on the front page, those members who volunteered for the Bunnings BBQ last Sunday. These included, Dave Makin, Stafford Simpson, Les Perkins, Jeff Kiely, John Hawkins, Des Walters, Michael Naissen, Tony Dawson, Rob Chick, Paul Sullivan, Peter Leddin, Zac Newsom and myself. Shown are members of the first shift. Details of the day will be presented to the general meeting. A special mention to Mauro who stepped in to take the reins from Russell who laid the foundations for us. 

The Club has received some financial positives with our first decent return from our term deposit in some time, and the reimbursement of fees from the Council of Victorian Fly-Fishing clubs (CVFFC). A special thankyou to the CVFFC. Recent Club activity has seen the Lake Mulwala Cod Trip in December. See Luke’s report in this newsletter. 

The other Club activity was the day trip to Lake Hume to target European Carp. John Hawkins will give a brief on this at the General Meeting. Des shows his prowess in tackling a large carp.

Des will give a summary on the recent FFA Rocky Valley fly fishing competition. 

Recent trips to Tasmania by Mauro and Wolfgang, Les and myself will also be a feature of this month’s general meeting. Les and Mauro will give a summary of their trip. 

We have advertised upcoming Club trips:

  • The Broken Sage trip to Khancoban on the weekend of Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March.
  • This is based on fishing around the Khancoban Pondage, Swampy Plains and Indi Rivers and multiple streams. Details in the newsletter.
  • A trip to Eucumbene is planned for the weekend from Friday 19 to Monday 22 April. Don’t be put off you can only attend on the Saturday and Sunday. Names will need to be finalised by Wednesday 6 March to ensure accommodation can be arranged.
  • A trip to the Goulburn River is planned for the weekend of Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May. Details will be forthcoming at the general meeting.
  • Also planned for August is the annual Central Victorian Lakes trip. This will also need to be finalised at an early date in order for accommodation to be arranged. 

As with all the trips, please put your name on the board if you are attending. Especially where accommodation is required. 

Midweek fly tying will resume later in the year. Remember, the start times of the General Meeting will start at 7.30pm which will be preceded by a barbeque before the meeting. 

Stay well.

Bryan Clyde: President

President’s Annual Report 2018

Our Annual General Meeting is this month, Wednesday August 1st. This will be your opportunity to elect, or be elected to, the committee for the coming year.

Also, August 18th is our annual dinner with partners/family. This event incorporates our major raffle with a vast assortment of great prizes on offer. Please make a selection from the menu, (located in this months Newsletter), and let Des Walters know after payment. Your participation is required for the success and enjoyment within our club. The moderate cost of $30.00 per person is testament to the value that the committee has on keeping interest and fellowship alive to encourage all members to participate in club activities.

During the year we finally achieved an outcome on our proposal to council for trout water at Wonga Wetlands Gravel Pit. The extent of success will be known in the next year or two.

The Introduction to fly-fishing course was a huge success, with several new members joining our club. Thanks to those who helped make this possible.

Many to thanks all committee members for their valuable assistance during the last year.

Russell Hook

Eucumbene spawning run 2018

Applications for the Eucumbene Riv-er Vehicle Access Permit for anglers with limited walking ability are now open for the 2018 season.
As the trout spawning season approaches, anglers who require vehicle access to the Eucum-bene River can apply for a special Vehicle Access Permit.
To ensure that the value of the fishery will be preserved and the fishing opportunities retained vehicle access to the Eucumbene River at Denison was restricted in 2017. While most anglers can access the area by foot, some anglers are unable to walk the extended distance to or from the river.
For more information email the Angler Access Manager. Please apply for a key and permit at least two weeks prior to your trip. To apply for the gate key download an application here. More info by phone at 02 60517769.

President’s Report: May 2018

The Jamieson trip was a great success by all accounts. Thanks to Rob bailey for his extremely professional trip information. Rob is also trip captain for Talbingo, at Russ Davies’ property, ‘Kinder Cottage’. Please watch out for information coming at our general meeting this Wednesday.

Committee members had a meeting with Kerry May from Council re our ‘Pit’ proposal. The outcome is that it becomes a trout fishing facility under management between Council and Fisheries NSW. This becomes virtually what we set out to achieve, without the overall responsibility. I hope we may have Alistair McBurnie and/or Cam Westerway from DPI at our meeting on Wednesday. If possible, they can fill us in with details or their talk with council.

Jim Baumgurtel (Fly Finz) will be at our club rooms on Friday May 11th, to show case all his goodies. Bring along your saved up pocket money. We intend to have a BBQ before hand and if you would like, please let me know if you would like an early start in the afternoon daylight to try & test out any of his rods. A comprehensive list of products can be searched on his web site, “flyfinz catalogue”. Jim’s prices are very competitive and his service and knowledge is vast. A great opportunity to pick up some new gear.

Russell Hook