President’s Report: May 2018

The Jamieson trip was a great success by all accounts. Thanks to Rob bailey for his extremely professional trip information. Rob is also trip captain for Talbingo, at Russ Davies’ property, ‘Kinder Cottage’. Please watch out for information coming at our general meeting this Wednesday.

Committee members had a meeting with Kerry May from Council re our ‘Pit’ proposal. The outcome is that it becomes a trout fishing facility under management between Council and Fisheries NSW. This becomes virtually what we set out to achieve, without the overall responsibility. I hope we may have Alistair McBurnie and/or Cam Westerway from DPI at our meeting on Wednesday. If possible, they can fill us in with details or their talk with council.

Jim Baumgurtel (Fly Finz) will be at our club rooms on Friday May 11th, to show case all his goodies. Bring along your saved up pocket money. We intend to have a BBQ before hand and if you would like, please let me know if you would like an early start in the afternoon daylight to try & test out any of his rods. A comprehensive list of products can be searched on his web site, “flyfinz catalogue”. Jim’s prices are very competitive and his service and knowledge is vast. A great opportunity to pick up some new gear.

Russell Hook