President’s Report: December 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, so it is time for our Christmas drinks and nibble at the club-rooms, we will kick off around 6:00pm, food is free so please come along and enjoy one or two drinks and a great time. An added bonus is that when Hooky and myself where in New Zealand we found an international author wanting to somewhere to launch his latest fishing book, so we offered the Greenwell’s Christmas function and I am pleased to announce that there will be the world launch of his fantastic book during our Christmas function with all the fanfare that goes with such a special occasion.

Membership, please if you have not paid you membership as yet please do so as you are four months overdue, our fees are very small compared to other clubs so please make the Treasurers job a bit easier and pay so he is not chasing you up.

You have one last chance to order club shirts and peak caps, Des Walters has the order form just pay as you order or direct debit as we intend on fixing the order by the end of December.

Be warned we are going to be selling some of the 100’s of magazines in the library over the next few months, if you have missing numbers in any of your collections now would be the time to get a list of the missing ones there will be a lot of reading at very cheap prices what’s left will more than likely on of eBay or the like.

Just a quick reminder there is no official meeting in January but members will be here at 6:00pm, just bring your own BBQ meat etc.

Happy fishing