President’s Report: Jan/Feb 2019

Welcome back for a new year, as you know we have had weeks with the temperature around 40°C or higher which it makes it a hard to choose between going fishing or sit under the air conditioner and the higher temperatures have seen fish kills in Western rivers.

It is pleasing to report good numbers turning up for the Friday night get together and I hope it will be the same for the first club activity planned for the February meeting. The activity will be a Back to Basic fly casting night run by Rob B, this will be a great opportunity to refresh and re-start your casting. We all cast a line but this simple training could identify some of those little bad habits that have crept into our casting over the years. Club-rooms will be opened around 6pm.

Rob is also in final stages of the new fly tying course due to start on Sunday 16th June, the day will start around 9am and finishing with a BBQ lunch, more details as we get closer to the dates.

The fly course is not looking good, if you know of anyone interested in doing the course please get them to contact Stafford ASAP or we will need to cancel for this year.

On a sad note, our thoughts are with all the people in and around Miena, Tasmania, the bush fires have been making their lives pretty tough and we hope they all get through this dangerous time.

Just a quick reminder for all the members who have not paid their memberships they are well and truly overdue.

For those who ordered new Club shirts and caps will be available at the club-rooms on Wednesday night, there are a few spares for members who missed the order so first in.

Happy Fishing