President’s Report: July 2018

Update on our ‘Pit Proposal’. It looks like we have achieved most of what we applied for. Alistair McBurnie from DPI continues to liaise with council in regard to the ‘Pit’. We will probably become involved to assist Fisheries NSW with the monitoring fish size and numbers. This is a great outcome and a wonderful result for our club. DPI have also requested that they be able to use our name (Logo) when applying for funding for the expansion of the car-park.
Next month, the 1st August is our Annual General Meeting. All positions of the committee will become vacant, and elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members will take place. Please consider standing for election. 
The Annual dinner on August 18th will be at the club rooms at a cost of $30.00 per person.
As we missed out on the Casserole dinner in June, I suggest we make it July 21st . Please let someone on the committee know. This will be at $10.00 per person, with a discount if you supply a casserole or desert.
Ben Nieuwerth has a large amount of fly tying gear to offer to the club and members. Ben will bring it along on Wednesday night, the club to have first claim and then the remainder to be fairly offered to members.
Russell Hook