President’s Report: June 2017

I wish it was under better circumstances that I am writing this report, unfortunately our President elect Russel has injured himself and will be out of action for a little while. On behalf of all the Greenwell’s members and all the local fly fishing clubs wish him a speedy recovery.

A group of members venture up to Talbingo on the 19th to the 22nd of May, Friday was fine and the trip to Denison found 30 cars in the carpark however the water was low and slow. Some fish had pushed up into the River but Friday night is when we saw a big drop of rain and the river became dirty but the fish started their annual run. By all reports there were 60 cars in the park on Saturday and 4 out of 5 fishermen where spin fishermen (interesting) bring back Fly Fishing Only that will take the pressure off the river?

Fly tying will start on the first Friday night after the closing weekend, now is the time to dust off your fly tying equipment so you are ready for another interesting session of tying with Les Hawkins. At the June meeting we will see what interest there is from all our new members and as in previous years the club will buy the materials to get you started.

The club is planning a trip to Khancoban on the 10th and 11th June, more information and names will be taken at the June meeting, this will be the Broken SAGE trophy week-end for teams.

Looking forward to seeing you in front of the log fire.

John Hawkins
Vice President