President’s Report: June 2018

President’s Report

An email from Albury City Council was received last week as a final sign-off to our submission for a trout pond at the gravel pit. It turns out to be nearly everything we proposed for with out any responsibility. The area will become a public facility for non-bait fishing with barbless hooks and no access for any watercraft, and no entry into the water. Thanks to Alistair McBurnie and the DPI who explained to council what we were suggesting as a use for the pit.

Many thanks to Russ Davies for his kind donation of Kinder Cottage. Also, thanks to Rob Bailey for the trip information to Talbingo.

I would like to acknowledge the generous donation of a 6X3 gazebo from Bob Melville. This will be a great asset to our equipment.

The meeting on Wednesday 6th June will be an educational talk on leaders and everything you wanted to know about them. The topic will cover dry, wet, sinking, floating leaders and how to tie them for all occasions.

From June 12, designated rivers and streams in NSW, the season is closed for catching trout. This heralds the start of fly tying in our club-rooms. As techniques improve, so does the need for new flies evolve. Come along on Friday nights and learn from expert tyers whilst experiencing great social interaction and fellowship.

Russell Hook