President’s Report – October 2018

President’s Report
At the September meeting we had our first in house club garage sale which proved to be a success many items changed hands and there were plenty of bargains on sale, it was a great way to move some of those unwanted items everyone has in their fishing cave on to new homes.
The committee finalised the club calendars which will be on display at the next meeting so make sure you have your diary on hand to record those important dates.
By now the New South Wales season should be open and I guess you will all be out wetting a line, while on the topic of lines at the next meeting which will be a BBQ starting at 6:00pm and the daylight saving activity will be up sizing or down sizing your fly line to see how it effects your rod. Please bring your rod along so you can try the different lines that will be on hand, it will be a cheap way to see how your rod performs with different line weights you may find that your rod is a different beast just by changing the line. The committee is planning more of formal casting events before our summer meetings so please support the instructors and make the effort to bring your gear along and have a practice.
I also ask that any member thinking of an activity that the club may be interested in mention it to a committee member so we can look at making it an club activity.