President’s Report: September 2017

I am pleased to announce that my spine has mended well, and the brace comes off on Sunday 3rd  of September.

My thanks to the committee for their wonderful assistance to make the Annual Dinner the success it became.

I remind those members who won gifts at the dinner raffle, to please personally acknowledge the donors, so they will continue their support of our club.

I will endeavour to list agenda items each month from here on.

Agenda for September 6th

  • Open: 7:30pm
  • Introduce guest speaker: Will Spry of Spry Fly New Zealand.
  • (See photo, & article below)
  • Attendance & Apologies: Recorded on circulated sheet.
  • Previous minutes/business arising:
  • Correspondence In/Out:
  • Financials: in Tippet Topics
  • General business:
    • Discussion re “Gone Fishing” activity at Noreuil Park Sunday 15th October 2017 9am – 3pm. Volunteers required for tent-cover erection, casting, fly tying, general display material etc.
    • Introduction to Fly Fishing course Oct 24th, 26th & 28-29 weekend.
  • Fishing reports:
  • Close:


Kelvin is delighted to report that he has been able to secure Will Spry of Spry Fly New Zealand to speak at our September meeting. Many will remember his late father, Mike, who is justifiably recognised as a pioneer in teaching and guiding fly fishing from a base in Khancoban and Will has carried on the tradition in NZ.

Will developed an interest in fishing by spin fishing the channels around Deniliquin and later his summer school holidays were spent assisting Mike with guided float fishing down the Swampy Plains River.

In 1993 Will moved to NZ and established a guiding business there which is now rightly recognised as one of the best in the country and it is obvious when you talk to him that his passion has not waned.

I thank our new committee member Kelvin Gilder for his comprehensive work in securing interesting guest speakers for our forthcoming general meetings.

Russell Hook