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Presidents Report – November 2018

President’s Report

Apologies for last month’s meeting activity confusion (someone mainly me) forgot to check the exact date day light saving started plus it was raining, so you now have another chance to bring your rod along at 6pm on Wednesday to try different weight lines on your rod. You will be surprised to see how up sizing or sometimes downsizing will change your rods action and it could save you money if you are think of changing your rod because it doesn’t seem to cast well or it could also be you need a bit of practice so Wednesday night is for you.

The club will have an order form on Wednesday night for club shirts and caps, remember to bring some money along to place your order shirts will be $35 and Caps $15
Bryan Clyde and myself ventured off to the Wangaratta Fly Fishing Club Annual Dinner on the 26th October. We had a very pleasant night with good company and of course we walked away with some good prizes from their raffle table, it is a very good night so next year I hope some more members will make the effort to come along and support our fellow club.

By the November meeting Les Perkins should be back from the USA and have some nice stories to tell of his trip and fishing efforts.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night.


President’s Report – October 2018

President’s Report
At the September meeting we had our first in house club garage sale which proved to be a success many items changed hands and there were plenty of bargains on sale, it was a great way to move some of those unwanted items everyone has in their fishing cave on to new homes.
The committee finalised the club calendars which will be on display at the next meeting so make sure you have your diary on hand to record those important dates.
By now the New South Wales season should be open and I guess you will all be out wetting a line, while on the topic of lines at the next meeting which will be a BBQ starting at 6:00pm and the daylight saving activity will be up sizing or down sizing your fly line to see how it effects your rod. Please bring your rod along so you can try the different lines that will be on hand, it will be a cheap way to see how your rod performs with different line weights you may find that your rod is a different beast just by changing the line. The committee is planning more of formal casting events before our summer meetings so please support the instructors and make the effort to bring your gear along and have a practice.
I also ask that any member thinking of an activity that the club may be interested in mention it to a committee member so we can look at making it an club activity.

President’s Report: September 2018

President’s Report

The Victorian trout session started on the weekend and I hope everyone got the chance to get out and go for a fish, I think the best fishing could be before Christmas but let’s see what the season bring.

The club held its AGM last month and as a result there where some small changes to the committee, can I thank the outgoing committee members Bob Melville and Robert Chick for their fantastic work over the years, new committee member Les Perkins has taken on the role of Librarian and there has been a few changes to existing positions so refer to the committee index in Tippet Topics for the new roles.

August was a big month for the club with our AGM and our annual dinner, the dinner saw a different approach from years gone by in that we moved from a formal restaurant meal to a self-catered dinner at our club-rooms.

The dinner went well and the raffle table was another outstanding success, as a club we thank all the donations from our sponsors in and around Albury and Melbourne.
The club will be holding its first in house garage sale at the next meeting so I remind members to bring those unwanted fishing items for sale and please be at the club by 7pm to display your goods.

I also remind members to have a think about possible club trips and locations for the next meeting so we can formalise the club calendar for 2018-2019.

Great fishing

President’s Annual Report 2018

Our Annual General Meeting is this month, Wednesday August 1st. This will be your opportunity to elect, or be elected to, the committee for the coming year.

Also, August 18th is our annual dinner with partners/family. This event incorporates our major raffle with a vast assortment of great prizes on offer. Please make a selection from the menu, (located in this months Newsletter), and let Des Walters know after payment. Your participation is required for the success and enjoyment within our club. The moderate cost of $30.00 per person is testament to the value that the committee has on keeping interest and fellowship alive to encourage all members to participate in club activities.

During the year we finally achieved an outcome on our proposal to council for trout water at Wonga Wetlands Gravel Pit. The extent of success will be known in the next year or two.

The Introduction to fly-fishing course was a huge success, with several new members joining our club. Thanks to those who helped make this possible.

Many to thanks all committee members for their valuable assistance during the last year.

Russell Hook

President’s Report: July 2018

Update on our ‘Pit Proposal’. It looks like we have achieved most of what we applied for. Alistair McBurnie from DPI continues to liaise with council in regard to the ‘Pit’. We will probably become involved to assist Fisheries NSW with the monitoring fish size and numbers. This is a great outcome and a wonderful result for our club. DPI have also requested that they be able to use our name (Logo) when applying for funding for the expansion of the car-park.
Next month, the 1st August is our Annual General Meeting. All positions of the committee will become vacant, and elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members will take place. Please consider standing for election. 
The Annual dinner on August 18th will be at the club rooms at a cost of $30.00 per person.
As we missed out on the Casserole dinner in June, I suggest we make it July 21st . Please let someone on the committee know. This will be at $10.00 per person, with a discount if you supply a casserole or desert.
Ben Nieuwerth has a large amount of fly tying gear to offer to the club and members. Ben will bring it along on Wednesday night, the club to have first claim and then the remainder to be fairly offered to members.
Russell Hook

President’s Report: June 2018

President’s Report

An email from Albury City Council was received last week as a final sign-off to our submission for a trout pond at the gravel pit. It turns out to be nearly everything we proposed for with out any responsibility. The area will become a public facility for non-bait fishing with barbless hooks and no access for any watercraft, and no entry into the water. Thanks to Alistair McBurnie and the DPI who explained to council what we were suggesting as a use for the pit.

Many thanks to Russ Davies for his kind donation of Kinder Cottage. Also, thanks to Rob Bailey for the trip information to Talbingo.

I would like to acknowledge the generous donation of a 6X3 gazebo from Bob Melville. This will be a great asset to our equipment.

The meeting on Wednesday 6th June will be an educational talk on leaders and everything you wanted to know about them. The topic will cover dry, wet, sinking, floating leaders and how to tie them for all occasions.

From June 12, designated rivers and streams in NSW, the season is closed for catching trout. This heralds the start of fly tying in our club-rooms. As techniques improve, so does the need for new flies evolve. Come along on Friday nights and learn from expert tyers whilst experiencing great social interaction and fellowship.

Russell Hook

Eucumbene spawning run 2018

Applications for the Eucumbene Riv-er Vehicle Access Permit for anglers with limited walking ability are now open for the 2018 season.
As the trout spawning season approaches, anglers who require vehicle access to the Eucum-bene River can apply for a special Vehicle Access Permit.
To ensure that the value of the fishery will be preserved and the fishing opportunities retained vehicle access to the Eucumbene River at Denison was restricted in 2017. While most anglers can access the area by foot, some anglers are unable to walk the extended distance to or from the river.
For more information email the Angler Access Manager. Please apply for a key and permit at least two weeks prior to your trip. To apply for the gate key download an application here. More info by phone at 02 60517769.

President’s Report: May 2018

The Jamieson trip was a great success by all accounts. Thanks to Rob bailey for his extremely professional trip information. Rob is also trip captain for Talbingo, at Russ Davies’ property, ‘Kinder Cottage’. Please watch out for information coming at our general meeting this Wednesday.

Committee members had a meeting with Kerry May from Council re our ‘Pit’ proposal. The outcome is that it becomes a trout fishing facility under management between Council and Fisheries NSW. This becomes virtually what we set out to achieve, without the overall responsibility. I hope we may have Alistair McBurnie and/or Cam Westerway from DPI at our meeting on Wednesday. If possible, they can fill us in with details or their talk with council.

Jim Baumgurtel (Fly Finz) will be at our club rooms on Friday May 11th, to show case all his goodies. Bring along your saved up pocket money. We intend to have a BBQ before hand and if you would like, please let me know if you would like an early start in the afternoon daylight to try & test out any of his rods. A comprehensive list of products can be searched on his web site, “flyfinz catalogue”. Jim’s prices are very competitive and his service and knowledge is vast. A great opportunity to pick up some new gear.

Russell Hook

Presidents Report: March 2018

Our Introduction to fly Fishing Course is over and was very successful. The weather was extremely testing, but I am sure those who took part enjoyed themselves. I sincerely thank John Hawkins, as education officer for his organisation and presentation skills. I also thank the many members who showed up during the theory nights and the weekend. To Pete & Rob, whose casting expertise ensured the success of the course, I give thanks.

A fly-fishing trip has been gazetted for later this month, March 24 & 25,. Please consider becoming a Trip Captain to organise this event. I have a prepared template to assist. This can be a day or a weekend event, staying at the picturesque caravan/camping site at Colac Colac.
This is an important side of our activities to engender enthusiasm and interest. To run an event is very easy and a great way to meet on the river with like-minded fishers to have fun and learn other aspects of fly-fishing.

The event will be cancelled if not enough interest is shown, Please consider!

At the meeting of March 7th, we will hear from Rob Bailey who will talk about the origins and history of Nymph Fishing, European method. An exciting talk given by one of our own members! Club will be open from 6:00pm on Wednesday for casting on the oval or adjacent area with sausage in bread ($2.00).

There are a few members who have not paid their subscriptions for 2017/18. Please check for the colour of your name in the Tippet Topics. Those in black are still outstanding!

Russell Hook

President’s Report: Jan/Feb 2018

Happy New Year to all!

It is with delight that I welcome Rob Bailey to our committee. Rob will bring a new level of expertise in the form of casting assistance and event ideas for club activities.

Albury Council has replied to our proposal for a casting, catch & release pond. The committee has formulated a response to their requests for further information and clarity on a couple of issues and now we wait for council to consider.

The heat has been taxing and river temperatures & flows have altered which means catches have been difficult. We can all hopefully look forward to a better year in 2018.

By the time you read this, you should have received a copy of a draft calendar of events for 2018. Please study and submit any ideas or improvements that you would like to include and consider being a trip organiser for any of the many fishing trips on offer. A template of information is available to be filled-in for any of the trips indicated.

February will be a busy month with the “Introduction to Fly Fishing Course” beginning Tuesday 20th, and Thursday 22nd. The weekend of 24th & 25th will be at Bowler Lane, camping at the Mitta Mitta River. Volunteer helpers are required to make this event a success. We have about 8 applicants so far which makes for a positive outcome for our club.

It has been proposed to hold casting skill and competition events on the oval during daylight saving times, before the general meeting nights. This is to help in-crease accuracy and precise landing of the fly. Come along and enjoy the activity.

Russell Hook

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